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Wealth and Education

November 30, 2008

To know whether only wealth leads to education, I think one has to
define the society. In a country like the U.S wealth might
not always lead to good education. Financial aid and scholarship programs allow
people from poor homes to get good education.
The question is, “Is this universal – does this happen in all parts of the
world?” The answer is “No”. Many countries in the world do not
have financial aid packages for the poor. I asked an intelligent friend if he
is going to a University in Ghana. And he told me “no”; basically
because his parents could not afford it.
There are no financial aids in certain countries. Therefore universally
(worldwide), I agree strongly with Tumin’s statement that access to education
depends upon the wealth of one’s parents. Nevertheless in the U.S alone, I
might disagree with him.


Let’s Make It Magical

November 26, 2008

Sociologist George Ritzer has some ideas about how to revitalize the American university.  Let’s hope it involves donuts.

having babies

November 10, 2008

In spanish class today, our teacher was talking about the incentives the Spanish government gives families with 4 or more children. If you are part of a family with 4 or more kids, your college is free. You also get discounts for certain things, such as discounted subway tickets. You get an ID card that states that you are part of a big family so that you can receive these discounts. She said this occurs because Spain is so desperate to raise their population. I can’t imagine the American government paying for college for students that live in large families.

The Coming Conservative Baby Boom?

November 9, 2008

Two years ago, Phillip Longman predicted a major political realignment because–roughly speaking–liberals aren’t breeding enough.  How do we explain, then, Barack Obama’s recent success in bringing sexy back to the Democratic Party?  Obama captured a majority of the electorate in almost every age cohort short of the 65-and-overs; his appeal was especially strong among the youngest voters–a demographic that should’ve gone GOP, if Longman’s arguments are correct.

The election postmortems–including one at Davidson November 9th–will undoubtedly include a lot of debate on the question of whether Obama’s decisive victory signals a big tilt leftwards.  Paul Krugman, for example (this was a premortem, actually) thinks that it does; a prominent upcoming visitor to our campus thinks that it doesn’t.  Let’s discuss…

Writing to Think

November 7, 2008

Theory Peoples:  Social anthropologist Alan Macfarlane is back with some super-useful advice about the writing process.  Don’t be misled by the initial emphasis on dissertation-writing; this is great advice on how to think about and approach the writing of any serious academic paper.  There’re even a few suggestions about how to make things more ‘theoretical’ at 14:20-15:45.  Here we see how vitally important rough drafts are to the writing process as a whole.

Finally, a Thin President

November 7, 2008

My pick for next Halloween’s hottest treat?  Cablinasian Caramels.

There’s No More Racism

November 5, 2008

Picture 1 20-50-03.png

‘Only in imaginary experience (in the folk tale, for example), which neutralizes the sense of social realities, does the social world take the form of a universe of possibles equally possible for any possible subject’–Pierre Bourdieu, ‘Structures, Habitus, Practices’.  Theory Peoples, I think you can guess what PB might have made of the current ‘Only in America’ spin being put on the election of a certain tall, dark, and handsome Ivy League graduate…

Sarah Palin is the new feminist, apparently

November 3, 2008

Video I mentioned in class recently – Donny Deutsch talking about Sarah Palin’s good qualities (comparing her to a brand, a box of cereal) and how she’s the “new feminist”. I have no idea where he got his definition of a feminist, but Sarah Palin is not one. In fact, she practically retracted the statement she made earlier about how she was a feminist, saying later that she didn’t want to label herself. But that’s a rant for another time. Also, according to Deutsch’s brilliant insight on feminism, Clinton did it all wrong because she didn’t wear a skirt. But because he would like to wake up next to Sarah Palin in bed (!), she would make an excellent VP. But those crazy liberals wont understand that, all they care about are the issues (I’m paraphrasing, but he did say this). I don’t even need to expalin how upsetting and sexist and antifeminist this is. I wrote a letter to CNBC. They didn’t respond.

Positive Portrayl of Adrogyny

November 2, 2008

in music video form…

Garbage- Adrogyny (embedding disabled)