Sarah Palin is the new feminist, apparently

Video I mentioned in class recently – Donny Deutsch talking about Sarah Palin’s good qualities (comparing her to a brand, a box of cereal) and how she’s the “new feminist”. I have no idea where he got his definition of a feminist, but Sarah Palin is not one. In fact, she practically retracted the statement she made earlier about how she was a feminist, saying later that she didn’t want to label herself. But that’s a rant for another time. Also, according to Deutsch’s brilliant insight on feminism, Clinton did it all wrong because she didn’t wear a skirt. But because he would like to wake up next to Sarah Palin in bed (!), she would make an excellent VP. But those crazy liberals wont understand that, all they care about are the issues (I’m paraphrasing, but he did say this). I don’t even need to expalin how upsetting and sexist and antifeminist this is. I wrote a letter to CNBC. They didn’t respond.


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