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‘Don’t tell anyone, but the 20th-century city is over’

January 30, 2009

Do conventional concepts like authenticity, context, center, etc., have any relevance to the new cities springing up around the globe?  Nicolai Ouroussoff, interviewing a number of famous architects exhilarated by the new possibilities for experimentation, doesn’t seem to think so.


Christian Right Movement Underway?

January 28, 2009
The article above is an interesting insight into the possibility of a newly developing rightest movement, specifically a “christian” and even more specifically “catholic” movement that could have significant repercussions for non Christians.


Chinese Social Movement

January 28, 2009

That is a link to a story from a news outlet about the current popular Chinese social movement against the French company Carrefour.  Carrefour is actually the second largest company/business in the world.  Chinese me and women are protesting outside Carrefour’s stores in China as well as spreading the word through text messaging, internet blogs, and emails to boycott Carrefour.  The reason the Chinese are so upset and dissatified with Carrefour is because of several instances of French pro-Tibetan protests in Paris and President Sarkozy’s threat to shun Bejing Olympic ceremonies.  

White Flight in Music

January 28, 2009

I think this music video from P Diddy and Bad Boy Entertainment is a dramatic example of white flight. When Diddy and his African American friends/houseguests/roommates show up in the suburbs of Perfectown, USA the white families are in for a surprise. Several move out of the neighborhood immediately (white flight), but some try to adapt and befriend Diddy (Ben Stiller).


January 26, 2009

I miss text–been on a two-week kick of posting vids.  But I can’t stop now, not when there’s another helpful Alan Macfarlane lecture to post–this time on our friend Karl Marx. Later I’ll also post a great interview with the philosopher Charles Taylor on this same subject (Marx and Marxism).  Meanwhile, check out this interview with a would-be popularizer of Das Kapital as well.

Two More Sample Pecha Kuchas

January 26, 2009

I consider both quite informative, as well as interesting as performances.  The first is rather informal and improvised, while the second is much more structured and pre-scripted.  The choice of approach, it seems to me, ought to be dictated by the subject matter and the strengths of the presenter in question.

A Soundtrack for Rory

January 21, 2009

Alexis de YouTube

January 21, 2009

Theoreticians!  Where would we be without a Macfarlane lecture to go along with our reading?  Here he provides yet another helpful introduction to a classic thinker, this time Alexis de Tocqueville (oddly, he chooses to deliver this one as an impersonation of Tocqueville).

And just for good measure, here’s how a social anthropologist views the theoretical lay of the land:

Southern Strategery

January 21, 2009

Social Movers!  Here’s the infamous Willie Horton attack ad from 1988, which is often cited by left-leaning scholars as latter-day support for the top-down, ‘Southern Strategy’ thesis.  We’ll discuss this thesis further when we read such critics as Kevin Kruse and Matthew Lassiter.

Racist or not?  You decide.

Another Video Tone-Poem: Georg Simmel

January 21, 2009

One of the classic cinematic homages to Berlin.  Touches on many of the same themes as ‘The Metropolis and Mental Life’ (but filmed a quarter-century later).