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‘Videotapes of Duany’s lecture and slideshow on sprawl’, notes Fred Barnes, ‘have been circulating like samizdat for several years’.  Clearly, Barnes is writing before the advent of YouTube; below is a video of a lecture Duany gave in San Antonio years ago (I think his hair has since turned white).  I think he’s a great presenter:  I saw him several years ago at a panel in Berlin (a professor at the Technical University made a six-month tour of New Urbanist developments in the early Naughties and began to spread the gospel upon his return), and he was quite charismatic.  Of course, he also endorsed the free market as the most democratic of institutions, so I personally wouldn’t consider him the deepest of thinkers.  Anyhoo, Part 1 of 9:

p.s.  Wanna know what happens when New Urbanism goes green?

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