Response to Foxxed DVD.

I must first say that i am troubled that one class got to watch Blade Runner, a truly awesome movie, and we were left to watch the Fox News documentary.  All joking aside i had a few thoughts about the Fox doc.  First and foremost, i think all documentaries must be watched and interpreted at an arms length.  Like commercials documentaries have and agenda and are trying to prove something or convince their viewers through the content of their film.  This film reminded me a lot of the Michael Moore films that we discuss in class.  Yes, they can be entertaining but we should not take this documentary for the truth, the same way we don’t take the Moore documentaries as the absolute truth.  The documentary was somewhat hypecritical because one of their main arguments was fox news’ use of framing to disguise their “obvious right wing bias”.  Okay, yes it is common knowledge that Fox News has a conservative connotation but was the documentary not framed?  Was the documentary not framed in a way to make these emotions even stronger against Fox News?  I did enjoy the documentary but i would love to watch it a second time and check the claims that they were making to get the full picutre.  Next, this documentary only provided one side, the side against Fox News.  For a documentary to be truly successfull it needs to tell the whole story.  It needs to explain and provide commentary from both parties.  This documentary never gave individuals from fox news the rightful chance to explain their mission statement, or the foundation by which they operate.  It did show clips of high ranking Fox News personel but again these clips were strategic in nature and, more than likely, taken out of context to demonize Fox News further defend the intended message of the film.
In conclusion my only point is this, its never as good as it seems and its never as bad as it seems, its always somewhere in between.  Therefore, the other news stations are not as unbiased and pure as the documentary makes them out to be.  At the same time fox news is not as evil as the documentary made it out to be.  The truth lies somewhere between the two and a clear impartial point of view should be taken when assessing the documentary.


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