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May 3, 2009

Better late than never…

Karl Mannheim.doc

Max Weber PE and SC.doc
second theory pres.ppt

Finally, as promised on the third day of class, here are some of my favorite inauguration pics:


amy and ally.jpg


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denzel 1.jpg
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the set up.jpgjamie fox.jpgobama.jpg
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Tha End



Street Vending

May 2, 2009



 I ran across a NY Times article that discussed street vending.  It seems that in light of hard economic times more people are pursuing the option and it is becoming an issue.  It reminded me of Harvey’s Right to the City.   It brought up the question- should people be able to vend and use city at their own will and discretion, even without permits.  Apparently in recent years the number of illegal street vendors has increased drastically.   I guess that question remains- what is our right to the city, spaces, and resources…especially in capitalist society?

Republican party in danger…getting smaller and dominated by the hard right

May 1, 2009

Specter defends decision to switch parties

The Specter of Republican marginalization