Preyer 207 is dead.  Long live Preyer 207!

I no longer inhabit that particular office–or the campus on whose perimeter it was situated, for that matter.  But the blog, once on Movable Type, proved movable.  Who’d have thought that a Web log could exist independent of a physical place?…

Anyhoo, welcome, Political Sociologues.  I had an epiphany at 23:59 while rereading Domhoff’s ‘Who Rules America?’ and decided we should watch this documentary:

Someone else has posted a better-quality version, but the first half has been taken down.  We can switch to it at some point.

Here’s an earlier 2003 documentary by the same director (Jamie Johnson, a Johnson & Johnson heir); I believe it was his first.  I’m not sure how the topic and theme of this one differs from The One Percent…


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