For Thursday, 4/10 (SOC 201)

  1. Le Corbusier, ‘The City of Tomorrow and Its Planning’ (PK: Thierno Tall)
  2. Jane Jacobs, ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities’ (PK: Arianny Hernandez)
  3. Jane Jacobs, ‘Downtown Is for People’, Fortune Magazine (1958)* (PK: Arianny Hernandez)

The Jacobs pieces are both fairly short and accessible. Arianny will give one presentation on both readings.

In other news, here is a quote from the first page of one of your research briefs:

In order to understand sprawl we need to know what it is. Urban sprawl or suburban sprawl is a concept that centers on the expansion of auto oriented low density development.

Copy this, paste it into your search engine of choice (without quotation marks), and see what you get for the first hit.

Please review the relevant parts of chapters 6 and 13 of The Craft of Research on avoiding plagiarism. Don’t put yourself at risk of a zero.


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