For Tuesday, 4/29 (SOC 201)

Gentrification a go-go; also, note the changes to the syllabus.

  1. Tom Slater, ‘The Gentrification of the City’, in Bridge and Watson, eds., The Blackwell Companion to the City (Blackwell, 2011)* (PK: Rafael Rodriguez)
  2. Lance Freeman & Frank Braconi, ‘Gentrification and Displacement in New York City’, Journal of the American Planning Association 70(1):39-52 (2004) (Ansara Mohamed)
  3. Justin Davidson, ‘Is Gentrification All Bad?’, New York Magazine (2 February 2014) (PK: Rosemary Valdez)

Everything’s on Blackboard. I’m expecting you to read Slater; the other two are merely recommended–although given the topic of your current assignment, you’re well advised to check them out!

Time management was pretty good Thursday.  Those of you who are presenting Tuesday, please follow the example of your classmates from today’s presentations: mail an electronic copy to me by midnight the night before, then turn in a hard copy of your PK and notes, as well as a PK score guide, before you begin. Also, please email me ASAP to confirm that you’ve seen the changes and know what you’re presenting on.


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