For Tuesday, 4/29 (SOC 240)

  1. Simi & Futrell, ‘White Power Activist Stigma’: Wrap-Up
  2. Brent Turvey, ‘Autoerotic Sexual Asphyxia’

Here are links to the TED talks by Jonathan Haidt and Christopher Ryan that I want to show you in class. You’re probably sick of hearing me blab on about these two, so let’s see what the authors themselves have to say about their ideas. We’ll discuss Haidt’s notion of moral tastes in light of the passage from Simi and Futrell that I read to you at the end of class; then we’ll discuss Haidt’s work in terms of research question, thesis, and research statement. If there’s time, we’ll do the same for Ryan; if not, we’ll get to him before long.

*For those of you who haven’t gotten into the TED-talk craze, here are two recent takes on it, one more critical than the other.


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