Choosing a Research Method Lab and HW (AMSR)

In this assignment you will decide on and develop details about the method that you will propose to use in your research proposal. To complete this assignment you will need to pick a single data collection method from the ones we have studied (content analysis, survey research, qualitative research) and discuss it in depth. You should plan to review the related material in the book while working on this.

In this assignment you will continue to develop the underlying ideas of your research proposal, with a focus on a detailed description of the data collection method. This assignment does not need to be in full paragraphs.

  1. Summarize the topic of your research and your hypotheses or research questions. Explain why you think the hypothesis is true or what you think the answer to the question will be and why.
  2. Describe what type of research method (such as content analysis, survey, or qualitative interviewing) you would use in the proposed research.
  3. Justify this choice with quotations from Chambliss and Schutt or another source appropriate for academic research.
  4. Explain in your own words WHY you have chosen this method and not one of the other methods we have studied for your specific topic.
  5. According to the book and class discussion what are some of the key choices you have to make concerning your use of the chosen method?
  6. At this point in your planning, what decisions have you made about those choices?
  7. According to the book, what are some ethical issues that this method raises?
  8. How will you address these potential ethical issues in your design?

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