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For Friday, 9/4

August 31, 2015

Before Class

  • HW due: You should have finished the Zip Code lab by now. Next, complete the ‘Sociological Observation of Your Zip Code’ assignment (you can find it in one of the links on the left of your Blackboard (Bb)home page (Under ‘Units’, in Week 1, ‘The Sociological Lens’).
  • Read and come prepared to do a presentation on your assigned proposal from Patten
 (2014)! You’ll see which group and proposal you’ve been assigned to in ‘Groups’ on Bb.
  • Schutt, Chapter 1; also pp. 495-505 (Content Analysis) and 512-517 (Census and Federal Data). The bookstore only has our Schutt textbook in the section for SOC 301, not 303. So if you need it (you can use the older Chambliss & Schutt textbook if that’s what you have; the page numbers are in parentheses in the syllabus), ask the person at the bookstore to get it from the 301 section! (p.s. Here’s an example of descriptive research.)
  • Patten (2014), Topic 1
  • Preview: Content Analysis. (Blackboard Course Documents or database). 
This is the reading you need to do for the assignment due next week.

During Class

  1. Attendance
  2. SOC 303 Pre-Test
  3. Q&A: How’s the proposing going?
  4. Model Proposal Presentations
  5. BREAK
  6. Lab: Latent Content Analysis
  7. Lab: Manifest Content Analysis


  • HW for Week 3: Content Analysis Reverse Proposal Outline

I know this sounds like a lot right now, but that’s because I’m listing our agenda as well as the stuff you should be doing at home, as well as the stuff you’ll be doing at home next week. I’ll try to boil things down a bit more in the next few weeks.


For Friday, 8/28

August 27, 2015
  1. Welcome
  2. Introductions
  3. Review for the Final (Note: Here’s a much-cited essay on the art of proposal-writing to get you started)
  4. Brief Overview of the Syllabus
  5. Student Evaluations