For Friday, 12/4

Happy Thanksgiving! (But don’t forget that the Up Movies lab is due by midnight tonight!)


  • HW due: In honour of America’s Greatest Holiday, and in keeping with our recent examination of open-ended interviewing techniques,  we shall take part in The Great Thanksgiving Listen. Interview a parent or grandparent about their lives (or some other elder, if your parents/grandparents are unavailable). If your research topic lends itself to it, you can incorporate questions that you might ask a participant in the research you’re designing. If your parents were not born this country,  you might begin by asking them about their experiences as immigrants, as in this much talked-about episode of Aziz Ansari’s new show. You might not cry as much as Ansari’s friends reportedly do in watching the show, but you will want to have a box of tissues available, just in case. Write up your findings in the ‘Qualitative Interview’ lab.
  • Schutt, Chapter 12 (‘Evaluation and Policy Research’)


  • Choosing a Data Collection Method
  • Causation


  • HW: TBA

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