For Friday, 3/17 (SOC 303)

I just found this great example of exploratory research (using surveys, no less). Notice what features of the project makes such research exploratory.

Based on the reporter’s summary of the study, are there any concerns you’d have about the research design?


  • HW Due: Write a Survey (***Note: You cannot get credit for this lab if you haven’t completed the HW for this week. It’s pretty quick, so just make sure you get ten questions down—they don’t have to be perfect!)
  • Schutt, Chapter 5 (‘Sampling’)
  • Patten (2014), Topic 27 (‘Sampling in Qualitative Research’)
  • Patten (2014), Topic 28 (‘Random Sampling’)
  • Patten (2014), Topic 29 (‘Other Methods of Sampling: I’)
  • Patten (2014), Topic 30 (‘Other Methods of Sampling: II’)
  • Patten (2014), Topic 31 (‘Sample Size’)


  • Lab: Pretest Your Survey


  • HW: Administer and Analyse Your Survey

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