For Friday, 5/26 (SOC 303)


  • HW Due: Research Proposal, Final Draft. You’ll submit all the relevant links before you leave class on the 26th (that way I can make sure you don’t forget anything), and I’ll wait around 24 hours before I start grading; that way you have a chance to make any last-minute changes you can.


  • SOC 303 Posttest
  • Oral Presentations. I’ll be in our regular classroom this Friday the 19th, 1-4:30; do I have any volunteers to present that day? That way, we won’t have to rush as much on the 26th.
  • LAB: Budget Proposal (those of you who come the 19th: we can spend some extra time on this beforehand)
  • LAB: Ethics Consent Form


  • Exhale!

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