About Staring into the Middle Distance

If I had to draw an analogy between natural and social science, and sociology specifically, I’d say we’re most like meteorology or climatology. Like them, we deal in large-scale, long-lived complex systems with many parts. Social systems are harder to deal with than the weather, because some of the parts have their own ideas about what they want to have happen. We’re pretty good at stuff at either end of the scale: we understand many long- or very long-range patterns fairly well, and we also know a lot about micro-level interactions in controlled contexts. The middle-range is much messier (and accurate forecasting is probably impossible) largely because of the nature of the beast under study. Unfortunately this is also the bit that people are most interested in getting knowledge about. But even there we have a lot of useful concepts, methods and models that can be applied in a wide variety of contexts, though you need to be careful — Kieran Healy.



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